sicuitminimal plaintext password store


Your passwords reside in a single encrypted textfile: ~/.sicuit/store.eno.gpg

The store can contain simple entries: password1

You can also include metadata, tailored to your requirements:
password = iloveyou
api_token = 70FrtPihanLxWZUJI
user = alice

To use your store execute sicuit from the terminal ...

$ sicuit

... and interactively search it (after entering your password) ...

> cod▉

  │  ├─ password   <==   Press ENTER to copy, SHIFT+ENTER to print.
  │  ├─ api_token              -----          ----- -----
  │  └─ user

To edit the store in your configured text editor, pass -e or --edit ...

$ sicuit --edit

sicuit's store uses eno notation and you can use any hierarchy you like to organize it ...

# Websites

## Coding iloveyou asdf1234

## Recreation password1

And that is pretty much all there is to it!


Sicuit is in beta and available for Linux.

Your GPG key is used for encryption - you can set up GPG in just a few minutes, which will also allow you to encrypt emails, sign code, and other good things.

To learn about the latest changes see the changelog.

Arch Linux

Install libeno and sicuit from the AUR:

git clone
cd libeno
makepkg -i
cd ..
git clone
cd sicuit
makepkg -i


Download and install the .deb package.

The .deb package is built and tested on Ubuntu 20.04, please report if you discover issues on another version or distro so we can resolve them together.


Download and install the .rpm package.

The .rpm package is cross-packaged (using alien) from Ubuntu 20.04 and therefore untested, please report if you discover issues so we can resolve them together.


Execute sicuit --help to get directions. Use the Tab key to toggle between obfuscated and non-obfuscated interface while querying the store. Use arrow keys to navigate search results and Enter to print a selected entry to stdout. More documentation as well as in-application pointers for usage will follow soon.

Migrating to sicuit

At the moment there is only a direct import script for pass. If you are using something else and don't mind a roundtrip you can use one of the importers on the pass website to migrate from your password manager to pass, and then migrate from pass to sicuit as a second step.

Code contributions in the form of additional migration scripts for other password managers will be met with open arms!

Migrating away from sicuit

As a sicuit user you shall always have the freedom of being able to take your data to any other software without impediment, and these exporters serve to fulfill that promise.


Sicuit is written in C, its entire source contained within the single sicuit.c file.

The sicuit repository is hosted on

Sicuit is licensed under the GPLv3+.